Association members, their families and friends

through the Combined Federal Campaign

The Sky Soldiers Foundation has been approved by the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as a charity that can receive donations from those serving in the military, federal government employees, as well as both military and federal retirees. Donating through payroll deductions, either as one time contribution or recurring monthly payments. Foundation’s CFC ID # is 41126

We invite all who serve with the 173d Airborne Brigade or its supporting units, have served and are either still in the service or working for the federal government in some capacity, to consider donating to the Sky Soldiers Foundation through the CFC charity giving.

                                          Donate directly at

                                          Send questions and comments to:

                                                            Thank you for supporting the Sky Soldier community 

All donations will be supporting the Foundation’s mission to serve the Sky Soldier community – benefiting our active duty Sky Soldiers, Fallen’s (Gold Star) families, Wounded Sky Soldiers, Veteran Sky Soldiers, and their respective families.

We also ask all Sky Soldiers, if you have family members and friends who serve in the military or work for the federal government, please champion with them the role of the Sky Soldiers Foundation in the Sky Soldier community and to ask them to consider donating to the Foundation through the CFC. Others can donate directly on Foundation website or mail-in form found there.

One major program that the Foundation supports is the awarding of scholarships in a competitive selection process to deserving individuals pursuing an accredited undergraduate or post-graduate degree through a technical education institution, community college, college or university.

Scholarship applicants or their sponsors are required to be members of the 173d Airborne Brigade Association. Membership is not required of fallen Sky Soldiers families. Those eligible are:

(1) Current active duty Sky Soldiers, their spouses, and children

(2) Active duty and past Sky Soldiers, their spouses, and children

(3) Fallen Sky Soldiers [Gold Star] spouses, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

(4) Veteran Sky Soldiers, their spouses, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren

Another significant Foundation role is facilitating fallen Sky Soldiers (Gold Star) family members attendance at 173d Airborne Brigade Association reunions. Participating at these events presents an opportunity to meet and learn from those who had served with their loved one, help them find closure. It helps create bonds with other Sky Soldier Gold Star families, finding mutual support.

Other support available, submitting Application for Assistance found at the Foundation website.

For further information please contact us at

If allowed at your facility, please post the 2nd page and the 3rd page artwork of the attached file on the bulletin boards of your place of employment.

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